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Once we’re happy with the way it looks, we can work backwards and figure out the implementation details.For a timer that’s going to run one time, we would need to provide the time interval and the code that’s going to execute: What if we might need to cancel our timer?

We might want to stop the timer, repeat it with the same interval, or with a different interval (not shown here): Repeat Subscriber Id // Execute closure after given delay. For example - in my recent app Cosmos Timer on the alert sound selection screen, I wanted to check the mute switch status once a second.Depending on the status, I would show or hide a little warning message.oh, wait.” If you want to follow me, I’m @zpasternack on Twitter and on When you create a timer, you must configure it so that it knows what message to send to what object when it fires.

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Next leave the Storyboard and go to the View Controller class.