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She's a living legend who stole our hearts when she was on SNL then locked them away in her private collection with Leslie Knope on Parks and Recs.…

When my sister Kimmy and I started out on this journey, the idea was never just to sell tampons, pad and liners.

Suddenly, people are willing to upload personal information onto the web.

Realizing the need to gather this information, the Prince of Stalking himself Mark Zuckerberg created what he called “The Facebook”. He single-handedly boxed out competitors like My Space and Friendster.

Since it was released in 2004, over 1 billion people have joined; sharing their personal information, interests, and pictures to a flourishing online community. Urban Dictionary, the authority on this sort of subject matter defines Facebook stalking as “A covert method of investigation using

The food comes to the table and out come the smartphones to snap pictures of it, brandished so unconsciously it's as if the phones are just another necessary piece of cutlery for a meal.

As of publishing, 196 million photos on Instagram are tagged as #food and nearly 64 million as #foodporn and around 50% of millennials share pictures of food on social media.

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Like any social trend, this one has not occurred without its share of detractors.