Dating divas minute to win it

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Dating divas minute to win it

Remember when you met and fell in love with your honey? It can take effort and focus to keep that fire roaring.

Twelve of the cutest little wives have come together to support and encourage each other to become the most darling While we all know a daily romp in the hay keeps the divorce attorneys away, these Divas offer some fab ideas for nourishing your marriage the other 18 hours that you’ll have left in your day. Do you remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books?!? Between the Star Trek door noises, Rock Band and MC Hammer mentions you will have yourself a FUN night to remember.

When they RSVP, give them their assignments needed for the games and let them know they need to bring a hilarious white elephant gift.

It is an awesome game where the contestant has one minute to complete random games made from household items.

So every week, on Marvelous Mondays, I will be serving one up to you. I came across the idea for a couples Minute To Win It night over at Dating Divas.

And one thing that makes me feel good is free printables! Contestants have to complete various tasks in 60 seconds or less.

If you work in an office, then as soon as you trudge in on a Monday morning, your coworkers are going to want to actually talk to you. The first challenge was the Breakfast Scramble: Put together pieces of a cereal box like a puzzle.

This week's free printable comes courtesy of the games night we had this weekend. You can find a huge list of the games on the NBC website.

Of course you do and I am going to help you host the best party ever.

(Hard to explain, but just watch the videos on the website.)You’ll want to create a game board listing each level, the team names, and how many lives they have left.

You can chose how many games/levels you want to do, but we kept it at eight.

Take a peek at the Win It In A Minute printables and look over the list of items needed for each game.

If you think you can gather all of the items needed by yourself, then go for it. My advice would be to make a list of items you plan on divvying out amongst your guests.

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